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Prae Songprasit

There are loads of learning resources out there. It can be overwhelming!

I'm always on the lookout for ever more useful things to help in my day-to-day work.

These my personal recommendations, which I've found useful when learning about different topics. I hope you'll find them useful as well! 😊

These recommations are free unless I say otherwise.


I've compiled a whole page worth of recommendations dedicated to accessibility at Web Access Club recommendations. Please check it out!



  • MDN is amazing for all things HTML and even CSS. Nicely design and quite an authoritative resource.
  • CSS Tricks was the go-to source when I first learn web development, and it's still awesome now. Expect not just cutting edge CSS walk through, but guides to modern front-end development as well!


  • CSS Day is an annual conference about advance CSS. Its' content geared towards CSS designers, developers, spec writers and browser vendors, who take pride in what they know and do.

Great groups or people to follow

Other UX Engineers

  • Rachel Andrew is a technical writer at Google working on, and a CSS Working Group member.

    If you like CSS, she's the one to follow.

  • Jen Simmons is an Apple Evangelist on the Web Developer Experience team for Safari and Webkit, and a member of CSS Working Group.

    I've been fangirling her for years, since her Mozilla/Firefox days. Her focus on both semantic HTML and responsive CSS is inspiring

  • Una Kravets is developer who's making the web more styleable as a Developer Advocate at Google Chrome.

    I've discovered her more recently from her talk on the new responsive. Then rediscovered her again via her CSS Podcast.