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Headshot of Prae Songprasit facing left and smiling widely. She has short shoulder length black hair, and is wearing glasses with a white top. The image sits on a plain Aqua Spray background.

Prae Songprasit

I'm a UX Engineer who cares deeply about accessibility, user experience, sustainable software development, cross discipline collaboration, and growing front-end capabilities in and out of organisations.


NZ Tech Rally

I start a company to grow NZ software engineering community with two other co-founders.

My focus is on operations, and ensuring ease of access for as much of our content as we can.

Web development

Unfortunately, most of my works cannot be shown to, or inspected by the public. However, you can read more about what I do everyday on LinkedIn, or ! I'm more than happy to walk you through the projects in person.

These are some of the projects various teams and I have worked on:


Though I only code up someone else's beautiful designs these days, I do occasionally jump into Figma and Illustrator.